Actual Stoicism is actually Stoic.

Stoicism is about Virtue, character, roles, and identifying our proper place in the cosmopolis. We create content for people who understand this and want to practice actual Stoicism.

What is Stoicism, actually?

Stoicism is an Ancient Greek philosophy and virtue ethics framework. It holds that Virtue (the knowledge of how to live excellently) is the only good, and that a human being's only truly worthwhile endeavor is the attainment of such knowledge.In spite of this high-minded talk, Stoicism is also practical and contextual. There is no one way to practice Stoicism, no right or wrong way either. How you practice Stoicism depends on who you are and what your situation is. There is, though, a way to misunderstand what Stoicism is and, therefore, be mistaken about whether or not you're practicing it.Stoicism is not resilience training, and it isn't cold indifference to the things you cannot control. Stoicism is not being physically strong, or a man's man, or a lone wolf. Stoicism is not wielding great wealth responsibly, nor is it enduring extreme poverty with grace.Simply put, Stoicism is a philosophical practice focused wholly on the development of a virtuous character. Wrapped up in why we should want to develop such a character, and how we might go about doing it, are physics, logic, ethics, the circles of concern, roles, the idea of Just dealing, and a reverence for Nature like no other philosophy has.This Stoicism, actual Stoicism, is what we're here to help you practice and learn more about.

Who are we to teach such things?

We are Tanner Campbell and Kai Whiting. Tanner is an American philosopher of Stoicism and author of the book "Stoicism, But Brief". Kai is a British philosopher of Stoicism and author of the book "Being Better: Stoicism For A World Worth Living In". Both of us host the most highly reviewed podcast on Stoicism ever created, Practical Stoicism.

Our Next Event: Stoicism & AI-Generated Artwork

Sunday, October 28th, @11a.m. US Eastern Time

Attendance by donation only. $1 minimum donation required

What might be the Stoic way to think about AI-generated artwork? What is creativity, and is it strictly within the domain of humans or, perhaps better put, conscious beings? If an AI samples millions of pieces of artwork and uses its understanding of them to create a wholly unique piece of art, is that just sampling at scale, or is it creativity? As contemporary Stoics the ethics of increasingly complex Artificial Intelligence systems and platforms is something we may well have to navigate in our jobs, personal relationships, or hobbies... how can we best do that? Join Tanner, Kai, and a very special guest for this month's workshop "Stoicism & AI-Generated Artwork".

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